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Sell Luxury & Lifestyle Property with Oliver Road

Oliver Road Estate Agents is a unique, specialist agency. We focus solely on marketing and negotiating the sale of luxury and lifestyle property, and we’re expanding throughout New Zealand. We’re looking for exceptional, talented individuals to take on large, exclusive territories – building their own sustainable business in partnership with this exciting new brand. To be considered for this role you’ll need to already be working in the top end of your local market, or be able to display an ability to do so successfully. Some of the benefits of joining Oliver Road include:

  • You (or you and your small team) will be the only Oliver Road salesperson/s in your area. Every moment and dollar you spend promoting yourself and the brand will benefit you.
  • You’ll be the only salesperson to sell your listings. As you likely already know, working with high-end vendors and purchasers requires a skill level that cannot be guaranteed by every other salesperson in a large agency.
  • You’ll charge what you’re worth and keep 75% of the commission on every sale. No sliding scales, penalties, desk fees or politics.
  • Oliver Road will back your business with management, training and administrative support. The structure is similar to that of a traditional agency, only each salesperson (or small team) is working remotely. We are absolutely committed to the highest level of compliance and you will be supervised and supported in accordance with industry best practices.
  • You can be proud of our beautiful marketing material and being part of the foundation and growth of what will become a leading agency in New Zealand’s luxury and lifestyle markets.
  • This is not, and never will be a bums on seats agency. Your Oliver Road colleagues around the country will be high-performing, ethical salespeople, selected carefully and without compromise.

What we’d like to know from you:

  • Who are you and what are your values?
  • What sort of real estate salesperson are you?
  • Do you currently specialise in your local luxury and/or lifestyle market segments?
  • What do those market segments look like in your area? E.g. lifestyle blocks / luxury residential / waterfront / vineyards?
  • Do you currently work independently, or in a partnership, team, EBU etc?
  • Facts and figures – listings / sales / market share / commission. What are your goals?
  • Why do you want to become the Oliver Road representative in your area?
  • Can you think of any specific opportunities or challenges that would arise from you taking on this role?

To be eligible you must hold an unblemished real estate licence (salesperson or above).

Please apply in writing to cameron@oliverroad.co.nz or call on 021 800 889 for an initial conversation.